Digital Arts & New Media 1C: 3D Modeling and Animation Using 3D Studio Max

In this course, students will learn 3 dimensional principles and apply them in the creation of 3D representations using Autodesk’s 3ds Max. This course will give students the opportunity to create 3D objects and 3D scenes. Students will arrange 3D objects in environments, and gain understanding of how these skills translate into animations for games or visualizations. This course will introduce students to the principles of 3D animation and rendering, and students will learn how to manipulate objects in space to create realistic virtual scenes.

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The goal of this class is to guide students through the topics of 3D design, modeling and animation. Students will be familiarized with the 3dsMax interface and features. They will learn 3D design principles, be able to manipulate 2D objects in order to be converted to 3D models, be able to apply lighting on scenes and also apply cinematography principles to the camera in 3ds Max. Students will leave this course knowing main tools to create imaginary worlds in 3D models.

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This class is designed in an interactive spirit that will give students the chance to design, create and script their own ideas. This course will be taught in a computer lab and will be taught using prepared examples that will be presented to the students. Afterwards, each student will apply the methods learned directly to their projects.

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