Digital Arts & New Media 1B: Narrative Structures for New Media – Podcasting and VideoCasting

“Story” or narrative is the foundation of all communication. The “media” through which narrative messages are transmitted are advancing—evolving—and expanding by type and capability, by measures of weeks and months, rather than years and decades.

This course will review the history of narrative communication from a holistic perspective, summarizing the myriad “forms” of communication that people have used to tell their stories over time and how those story structures have evolved to suit the media, from cave paintings and silent movies, to podcasting and blogging. Narrative Structures in New Media will involve the creation of narratives designed for the present new media zeitgeist: Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook, Blogs, Podcasts, Webisodes, Internet Radio and devices including smart phones.

[tab name=”Course Goals/Learning Objectives”]
Students will learn how to analyze and structure story concepts and the elements used to build narratives—including text, video and graphics—for maximum impact on new media platforms.
Students will write scripts for new media platforms conceived and developed for those platforms, including audio and video podcasts or web series, and internet radio and blogs.

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This course is taught using classroom and computer lab instruction in a hands-on workshop format employing lecture/demonstration, in-class exercises, individual and group student projects, and class assignments leading to a final project.

Classes will include: Lecture – History of Storytelling – video and audio presentation of relevant material illustrating the use of narrative in the new media-of-the-day: The Pamphleteers, The Age of the Poster, Radio, Silent-Cinema, Cinema and Sound, Television and its Evolution, The Internet and beyond.