Maker Faire 2011 and Fab Lab Roundtable

On Saturday May 21, 2011 FAB LAB San Diego was invited to participate in the Maker Faire and Fab Lab Roundtable at the Bay Area Maker Faire – San Mateo Event Center.

We want to thank the organization and everybody involved in making such a great event!

Maker Faire and Fab Lab Roundtable

Download here the Maker Faire Briefing Book

The Roundtable Discussion Moderated by Tom Kalil OSTP was joined by prominent attendees from the Fab Lab Network, Center for Bits and Atoms MIT, TIES, Maker Faire, Techshop, the White House Office of Science, remarkable foundations and organizations devoted to promoting educational outreach of digital fabrication and computation, and supporting advanced technical education for youth and the current generation of digital natives.

Some of the questions discussed at the table were:
Why are we gathered here?
Why are the Maker Movement and Fab Lab Community vitally important to our economic future?
How can we leverage our assets globally and provide:
• Easy points of entry into the PreK-20 pre-engineering pipeline
for interested funders, companies and organizations?
• Concrete programs that are scalable and measurable?
How do we entice more companies and funders into the Maker/Fab Lab Movement?
How do we inspire collaboration among existing programs and new-comers to nurture growth?
What programs already exist that can be easily scaled with available funds?
How do we integrate the burgeoning “merit badge” system into our efforts
How do we keep the momentum going after today and measure our progress?


Dennis Bartels, Exploratorium
Paulo Blikstein, Stanford University
Emily Brizendine, Gateways Partnership, Cal State East Bay
Willow Brugh, Jigsaw Renaissance
James Carlson, School Factory
Muhammed Chaudry, SVE Foundation
Linda Christopher, LEED
Tony DeRose, Pixar
Dale Dougherty, MAKE Magazine
Stuart Gannes, Fab Foundation
Neil Gershenfeld, Center for Bits and Atoms, MIT
Mark Greenlaw, Cognizant
Saul Griffith, Other Lab & Instructables
Susan Harvey, S.D. Bechtel Foundation
Mark Hatch, TechShop
Michelle Hlubinka, MAKE Magazine
Jennifer Hoachlander, Connected California
Gary Hoachlander, Connected California
Tom Kalil, OSTP
Lucinda Lee Katz, Marin Country Day School
Julie Kidd, S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation
Michelle Kim, Tiger Woods Foundation
Michele Korb, CSU East Bay
Sherry Lassiter, Center for Bits and Atoms, MIT & Fab Foundation
Alexander Michel, Forest City Enterprises
Amon Millner, Center for Bits and Atoms, MIT
Melita Morales, Marin Country Day School
Jan Morrison, TIES
Debra Mustain, San Bernadino County Schools
Barbara Nagle, UC Berkeley
Matt Pearson, Marin Country Day School
Oscar Porter, MESA
Katie Rast, Fab Lab San Diego
Chris Roe, CSLNet
Bob Rosenberg, Nueva School
Diane Rosenberg, Nueva School
Kim Saxe, Nueva School
Gerald Solomon, Samueli Foundation
Soo Venkatesan, S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation
Amy Wong, SVE Foundation

Download here the Maker Faire Briefing Book