First Cool Lesson

From the day after my high school graduation, I had no idea of what I will do for my summer. I had called to different places for jobs or somthing to do to spend my summer. The San Diego State University HCOP introduced me to the Fab Lab class, which I had no idea what it is about. When I first came to the class and watched all the video that Katie, our instructor showed us. I was afraid that I would not able to handle these knowledge. However, I had learned an imazing lesson on the first day.

In the first lesson, Katie introduced us to the world of computer language, which made me crazy at first. All the new vocabularies that I had never heard before such as syntax, algorithm, or parameters, and so on. Plus, all the functions and crazy numbers made me felt dizzy. After listening carefully, I had started my first project with a house, a sun, and a person.

I love my draft and the lesson today.