First Day

Today was the first day of class and we came in at 12 pm and then the front desk misinformed us that the class didn’t start until 1 pm. So we waited for a while and came back at 12:50 and the class had already started. Regardless of the time we arrived we did not miss much and we were able to catch up to the other students. We were able to learn about the different language of computers using processing. On the first day we learned the basics of coding on processing, the computer program. We had to code and make a picture with our new knowledge and i was able to make a cool picture. At first I was goingto make a simple house but instead I decided to make Pacman trying to eat the little balls and a couple of cherries. However I was not able to finish my cherries due to the background color and the linesof the cherries blending into one. Overall, it was a good day and I learned a lot in the few hours I was here.