First Day of Creative Computing

At the begining of the class I wasn’t really shure if I was going to like it or not but as the calss continued I was amazed at all the cool stuff I could make with just simple codes. I liked that it lookes complicated but is actually really easy to use. In my first day I was already able to make simple shapes but It was easy enought to take it a step closer and use those simple shapes and create a complicated piece. I learned about creating shapes without having to create so many points and lines by using other forms of syntax that facilitates the work even more. For example instead of creating three “lines” you only hav to type “triangle” before the parenthesis, plot the coardinates and simple as that you have a nice looking triangle; This also works when you want to make rectangles and arcs. I look forward to the next class and see what I’mgoing to learnand create next.