Summer 2011 at a glance

  • Learn + Play: Community DIY Tech Workshops for All Ages: Explore creative computer programming with Processing, 3D modeling and animation, programming Arduino micro-controllers, designing interactive graphics, sound design, Kinect hacking and robotics on your time with these hands-on weekend workshops!
    These workshops are tailored for all ages, perfect for parents who would like to learn with their kids, adults who love to tinker, or youth who would like to learn more about advanced topics in an informal and fun learning environment.
  • Summer Courses at UCSD: This summer, learn about advanced technology while having fun in an engaging hands-on process. These summer courses offer UCSD College Preparation units through Extension, and will boost student knowledge through a variety of courses. Summer offerings include digital art and media, computer programming, robotics, 3D animation and game development, and electronics.
    Presented in partnership with UCSD Extension K-12 College Exploration.
    FAB LAB SD @ UCSD Extension Summer 2011
  • Southeast San Diego Youth College and Career Prep Classes: These classes are UCSD Extension accredited for Pre-College, and focus on the following
    I.T. / Web / Database Management (including fundamentals that build toward a
    specialization in Electronic Medical Record management)

    Electronics, Hardware and Electrical Engineering (including computer programming,
    solar installation and introduction to development for mobile devices)

    Graphic Design and Digital Fabrication (including online entrepreneurship and
    of personally-designed products in addition to industry-standard design and production skills)