Piezo Speaker

Today we started to code the lilypad arduino, to play sounds out of a piezo speaker. Using a looping code to keep it running, I added six separate tones, three of which had random pitch and delay. Being absent the previous day, I had to cram more learning into a shorter amount of time. Afterwards, I created a fabric pouch in which I inserted the piezo, (after I broke it out of its bulky plastic case.) While doing this I began brainstorming on ideas for my final project for this course. My current idea for this is a jacket with extra-long sleeves in which are two switches, (one in each) that I can squeeze to activate an animated LED arrow either pointing left or right on the backside of the jacket. Thus making a “turn signal” jacket. This should help in many ways as I ride my longboard through the busy sidewalks and campuses.