Recap of First Week

Hello my name is Alexandra Schaefer and over the last three Fab Lab classes I have learned so much about coding!

First we learned the basics, we learned what processing is and how to use it. Once we figured that out we were shown a quick powerpoint of the basics of how to begin using the program on our own creating our own images! The first thing that I imput into processing to begin my picture was size(500,500); after that I grrabbed a graphing sheet and drew simple shapes on a 500/500 sheet. I learned some of the simple shape codes such as point(), line(), rect(), ellipse() etc. Once I got the hang of that on the first day, by the second day I drew an image that consisted of simple shapes. I began with a house! The second day we learned how to incorporate colors into each of our shapes using the ‘fill()’ code and typing in the RGB numbers of the specific color you want!

This is where I began to draw my penguin! By the third day here I had finished my penguin and began to learn some more complicated codes such as arcs, bezier, and vectors! This is where I will begin my next image and hopefully incorporate some animation next week!

Below is my final image.