Third day at Fablab

Today I inserted all my coordinates so I could make my second sketch possible. I found that you can always improve your sketches better by tweaking the numbers. Mostly I used custom shapes by using vertex. At first it would not work because I accidentally messed up the coordinates and the picture did not look like it had hair. I did not have a chance to work on my Pacman sketch because I was busy trying to get the hair just right. I am thinking of making it curve but as of right now they are all straight lines because I did not quite try the curving vertex yet. I was also using the transperancy on my picture so that the hair of the girl looked a little more detailed but I have not yet finished. It is still a work in progress and I plan to finish it soon. Maybe when we learn to make things move I will finish my Pacman Sketch because I want to make him eat the little blocks and have the ghost make Pacman disappear when he gets close to him. Overall today was a pretty productive day because I was able to finish the hair on my sketch and I started the neck. All I need now is the right shoulder and the background detail.