Third Day Reflection

Symbol created using Processing

This is an image that I created using the program Processing. It is a basic image using basic primitives and vertex shapes but I plan on taking it a step ahead by making it look more complex than it is already by smoothing out the corners and making it more  rounded instead of sharp cornered. I plan on adding some letters to the picture to contain a message. Since the symbol is part of the game called Assassin”s Creed I’ll be using the quote “Nothing Is True, Everythig Is Permitted” written across the top or one part in one side and the rest in the other.  This might create a challenge but I’m ready to confront it. Also I might add the eagle that is also a smbol that they use or make it so that the symbol turns into the agle but thats is best reserved for when I have better understanding of the programing. Today I learned about the vertex created shapes and how they help create shapes that are not written into the program.