Day 1

We made different circuits and experimented with it. Then we broke apart the light swords and made different things with them. You hooked on the potentiometer and twirled it around. When I pressed the button on the toy it made softer and louder sound depending on which way you turned the potentiometer. The LED light also dimmed along with the sound. When I tried to put the circuit back in it the speaker broke apart so I took off the rest of the stuff to examine it closely since it was already broken. I learned that even the speaker has a negative and positive side of it on the top of it where the wires hook up. I found out that the button is connected to the circuit board by two very strong wires.  I actually learned a lot about it by breaking it.

ΩThis is an omega symbol.It measures resistance and is on the Multimeter.

VThis is the symbol for Voltage.