DIY Robotics Day 1: The Basics and Circuit Bending

Today we learned about resistors, LEDs, capacitors and circuit bending through the best type of learning: hands-on.  We tested the resistances, voltages, and currents of resistors, batteries and LEDs and learned several tricks and equations that help with these.  These experiments taught us the basics of electronics so that we will know what we are doing when we hack.

We also bent the circuits of  mini lightsabers (that made spaceship sounds) and Cars/Tinkerbell plastic car keys (with noisemaking key fobs).  Within my hacking team, we interconnected all of these toys to a potentiometer (not pictured) to make both a louder and more controlled sound that could also be controlled through any of the buttons on any of the units.  We also added an LED that flashed to the music.  The project was very fun and educational, and I am looking forward to what we will do tomorrow.

A speaker connected to an LED, so that the LED flashes to the noise our circuit makes.

Two of the toys interconnected in our circuit.

Another toy connected to our circuit.

The full circuit along with the creators.