July 18th Recap

Today was a great day! After the first week learning how to create images with html codes we took that to a new extreme! We incorporated motion. We were given another presentation about what codes we use for the motion aspect of this class, and where to start off. The code that we began with was

void setup() {
void draw() {

What we do once we imput that code is we can change the numbers around of our ellipse, of our canvas, and the colors! When we hit run we see a dot and wherever we move our mouse the dot moves! Then when we changed the code a little bit the dot drags around the screen, for example I had a purple background and a green dot and with my new code I could move my mouse around and spread the green color all over!

I made this more complex by adding a bunch of triangles and then I learned how to make some more transparent then others and you do that by just adding one more number at the end of your fill code so instead of a solid color you have a transparent one. The transparency changes with the higher or lower number you type in. In the end my final product was a circle with about 100 different triangles connecting to it, all different colors, and then I learned how to make the background color change as you move the mouse accross the screen. It was so cool I learned so much more today, that I know I will able to add on as I go through the rest of the week! My interactive graphic isn’t as detailed as some others, I would like to move on from the triangles and circles and hope that later throughout the week I can create something really cool that can get bigger and smaller, and change colors!

In the end I feel that throughout this class I am catching on pretty quickily, and I am ahead of many others, and in the end I hope to accomplish something that will wow everyone!