Day 2 DIY Robotics

Yeah, I'm the astonishingly beautiful guy on the left with a cast.

Today, we brought different things in from home for us to hack. Many of the kids here brought a box-full of broken, old, or simply not wanted electrical gadgets, but I couldn’t really find anything that I could risk getting bricked, so I settled for a toothbrush. However, our teacher was nice enough to bring extra cellphones for us to break into, so I was able to open up an old Nokia 2610 phone.

We were primarily going through these phones for their micro vibrator motors. This is why I brought a toothbrush to a robotics workshop; the vibrator motor can be removed and attached to the head of a toothbrush, which in turn starts moving all over the place. We’re still working on it, so there aren’t any pics yet. It’s been pretty interesting so far, and I can’t wait until after lunch.