Opening up a 2004 4th generation iPod Classic

I never thought that it would be so hard to open up an iPod. Apparently it has a seal on the cracks and the top half has clips that connect it to the bottom half. I was trying to fix the classic because the select button was jammed open. After I pried it open with a flat-head screwdriver, I started to fix it. The problem is the Li-ion battery is on top of the click wheel and when it is closed the battery presses down on the click wheel and jams it. I tried to fix it with tape but that isn’t strong enough. I think I should try glue but that might jam it more. So I was unable to fix it but I got to see what is inside of an iPod. There is a hard drive, a Li-ion battery, and lots of circuit board. That’s it for today.                       P.S. Be careful when you open up an iPod.