Reflection on DIY robotics: Hacking phones, among other things

So far, today in DIY Robotics has been much more interesting than yesterday. The reason for this is that we were able to work much more hands on and more freely. Yesterday, we played with very simple electronic toys, but today, we were able to rip apart much more complex things. Which was amazing fun. One of the best parts of this class. I cant wait to do more of it, or build something with what we have shredded. I look across the room and I see various phones, in various stages of disrepair, a drill, a pair of headphones, an old computer, a game controller, and an UNO game. Possibly later today, we will build electric toothbrushes with vibrators from cellphones. Tomorrow, we will construct junk bots from the leftover parts from today.
I took apart two cellphones and one computer mouse. The computer mouse had a, by far, much more interesting inside. It was a little hard to put back together.