7/20/2011 Recap

Today like every other day that I have been here we learned something new and excited to add to our designs and ideas! We learned how to incorporate a real jpeg image into the background of our animations. The first thing we do is we google which image we want and I chose a sunset. I had no idea what I was going to do with the sunset so I just came up with ideas to incorporate as I went along. Once I saved the image I opened processing and to use the image as my background we use the following code:

PImage bg;
void setup()
  size(750, 558);
  bg = loadImage(“ri-sunset.jpg”);
void draw()

We insert the exact size  of our image and the file the name and it pops up when you hit “run”. Then once I had the image I decided to add a sun that moved around as you moved your curser accross the screen. Then with simple coding using the rectangle and triangle formulas I created a palm tree for the lower left hand side of my image. In the background so far I have half of a light house, it isnt complete but I am going to add a white transparent triangle that is going to come off of it representing light shining into the ocean.

On Friday I would like to have a final product done that I can show to my class, that I am proud of. After this Creative Computing class I think I am going to enroll in the Graphic Desgin class. I feel throughout this experience I will be able to take away many new skills and I really encourage people to enroll for one thing its free, and another you learn a lot about different softwares that will help you in college, and you get UCSD college credit.