Day 2:Making Robots That Draw

After lunch we built robots that were able to draw. Here are the steps we did to make the robot.

1.Get a battery and a battery holder that plugs into the fan. Get a fan.

2.Cut and strip the wires of the fan.

3.Connect the battery holders wires to the stripped wires of the fan with electrical tape.

4.Cut off half of the fan’s blades. All the blades that are still there should be on the same side.

5.Put rubber bands through the holes on the corners of the fan.

6.Put a drawing utensil face down in the rubber band.

7. Do that for every other corner.

8.Uncap your pens or markers if you have them and move over to a piece of paper.

9.Connect the battery and set it down.

10. Watch your robot draw on the paper.

These are pictures of our robot that we made. It was super fun making a robot that would draw. the reason you cut off the fans blades is to make it unbalanced so it rocks back and forth. It relates to a micro vibrator because that is what the blade on the micro vibrator looks like. The blade is uneven so that s how it vibrates.Next we are going to dissemble a computer.