Fine Art

On the 19th, we worked with computer fans to create simple robots that could draw.  We started out by attaching markers to the fan, and modified the power cables to accept a 9-volt battery.  We removed some fan blades to put the fan off balance, and tested and adjusted it a few times; we found that the simple contraption was able to hobble around on the markers.  By removing the fan blades, we caused imbalances that caused the fan to vibrate and move.  This is similar in operation to a phone’s micro vibrator, which rapidly vibrates to cause movement.  When it came to testing, there was simply no contest.  Our robot not only effectively drew, but it had shiny blue LEDs.  But then again, everyone else did as well.  We observed that our robot drew in spiral-like patterns, and that it was more effective without the weight of the circuit attached to it.