Making a real robot

Today, my team and I tried to build a robot car. It’s task was simply but complicated. It was to move itself from on place to an other. Just look at these words makes the task look simple, however doing so with junk parts is hard. The first probleam we accountered, was that we could not find the right motor that worked. Finaly have striping many parts we found one. Then we had to find the perfect axle with a good wheel. Then we relized we could just use a plastic jar with rubber bands. The last probleam we had was that it could not move it self. The ruber band thing was not powerful to pull the whole jar. Finally we had to clean up our mess and here I am. Compared to the one i did yesterday this one is sooooo much harder. Because for this one our teamĀ  needs a separte design then everyone else. Plus we have problems that we didn’t accounter in the first robot.