Reflection on DIY Robotics: Hacking a DVD player.

Following up on the last post, we did not use toothbrushes and micro-vibration motors to create robots, but did use markers and fans to make a robot that drew scribbles. More on that later. After that, we dissembled various appliances, like printers, DVD players, and photocopiers. I worked with two others to rip a DVD player to shreds. We must have been quite a sight, scrambling over it, looking for screws to unscrew. The inside was really fascinating. We found quite a few resistors that we thought could be deadly, as the potential Farads was extremely high. It turned out that the voltage was too low to be fatal. I was surprised that the DVD player was so empty. A good 50% of the space was unoccupied.

I have included an image 0f the disassembled player, but it simply does not do it justice.