Day 5

Today in class we learned how to add a picture to the background. The function to add a picture is somewhat complicated. I had some trouble understanding how to complete the task but with the help from my instructor and my peers, I was able to gain some understanding about how the function works. I think I just need to look over the function and work with it a couple more times and I will be good to go.It is a pretty cool thing to know how to add a picture if you have an idea of what you want to do with it. I personally like adding animation. I find that to be the coolest thing ever :) but adding a picture to the background is a pretty neat thing. We also got the opportunity to make an online portfolio on today in class and we uploaded the projects that we worked on today with a picture background instead of a solid color. For my project I made the background darker and added transparent circles. I also animated four circles, so they follow the mouse. Two circles move in one direction overlapping each other while the other two move in the opposite direction. I learned that to do this the X and Y in the mouseX,mouseY have to change place. This is also a pretty cool effect that I like. :)