Final Project

Today, we worked on assembling a robot for our final project.  Due to some unexpected changes in events, and a lack of supplies, I decided to work on a mechanical, automatically turning robot car…mess…thing.  Sam dubbed it the “Samurai Falcon,” So I guess I ought to call the robot that… There isn’t as much samurai or falcon as one would expect from out robot, but we managed to scrap together a robot with the assistance of much tape and glue.  The robot is propelled by one primary drive wheel that is glued to the motor, and powered by one 9-volt battery.  There is a umbrella-like wheel attached to the top of the bot, which allows it to turn when it hits a wall or some other vertical surface.  A trailer has two road wheels attached to facilitate turning, as opposed to having wheels mounted solidly on the frame.  After much tape, anxiety, and last-minute frantic adjustments, we finished the bot.