First Day: Web

Today was the first day of WEB I learned to create a website for me own use with a program called VAMP. We started by downloading the program into the computer from the website that hosts the program and then downloading another program called WORDPRESS , since it was a zip folder we had to unzip it by “downloading all files” and then copying the folder where all the files where saved in and then saving it into a folder named “WWW” that was made by the program VAMP and saving the program there. We later moved to creating the website we are gong to work on and had to go through lots of settings and configurations for the program to work right due to some problems we were having at the beginning. When we finished it was fun to see the website work in great condition and I’m glad to have learned another way of creating a website. I’m looking forward to learning more about making and developing a website and learning how to keep it in shape.