Hacking a DVD player


———- After we destroyed our phones and headphones and whatnot, we destroyed bigger things, like dvd players and fax printers. We decided to break into a DVD player, (not the best choice in my opinion). We took all the screws out, there were about 100, and starting looking at things. We realized there were a ton of capacitors, some which said they were 1000 milifarads, 1 farad….enough to kill us, over 10 times. Luckily they were discharged and when we measured the current with the multimeter, we got a current/voltage of 0.00 AKA nothing. We decided not to touch those and work on the dvd holder. We took the dvd holder out… we broke the frame for the dvd player… we destroyed completely ruined the entire system. Then we took apart the outside exosceleton and started whacking the pads and making the outside look as terrible as possible. In the end it was pretty terrible……. and we took a picture