august 1st

today at fablab i was really anxious to find out if we had learned anything new i missed out on friday so was hoping to come straight in and see what was new . lucky for me there was not much to catch up on . we learned how to use plugins and widgets for our pages , we have new themes . i had to download the wamp program and wordpress again because it hadent saved on my computer but my fellow classmates helped me . i got to learn how to upload pictures from other websites and add them to my webpage . we also learned how to  upload videos i got to upload one about wat matches our personality or something  similar to our interests i got a video about journalism . i hope to continue and finsih the program im expecting to come in on wedsnday and learn how to start the widgets that i have put on theyre . lunch wass soo good todday! subway<3 . teachers our awsome chill .