Processing Day 1: The Basics

Processing is not an easy task. Today was my first day trying out processing, and it can sometimes be difficult to get the exact picture you want. We started out with the basic: Points and lines. Although making a point does not seem hard, it requires a few keys to get what you want. I continued to learn new beginner functions, and I can now make triangles, rectangles, ellipses, quads, and arcs. Processing was hard at first, but I soon realized everything is just memorization, and it gets easier as I practice and make new shapes. I also learned how to add color to my sketches. Sometimes it is difficult to get the correct color because we have to mix colors ourselves. The last thing I learned today was making my own shape uses verteces. It was a little difficult at first, however, it was pleasing when my hard work did not go to waste and I succesfully made a star. I also tried making a penguin, but it did not go out exactly the way i wanted it to be. But, I have not given up, and I will try to improve and sharpen my skills at processing.