Make a Splash

Lilly G. here blogging from UCSD Extension: Intro to Creative Computing 2011.

Yesterday, we started working on making something that you like to do. I chose to do a swimming pool as my hobby of choice since I love to swim.

I used the rectangle function to dig the pool but that was the easy part. I then had to fill the pool with water using R, G, B (Red, Green, Blue).

The waves were MUCH harder to do. I tried many functions and finally got one that worked. The magic function that worked is the bezier function. I had to calculate the x,y placements and finally got it to the way I wanted.

Of course, I needed to hire a lifeguard so naturally I had to build a lifeguard station. I used the rectangle function to build it and the line function for the decoration.

Oh I almost forgot! Have fun. :)