Tennis Sketch

On my first day in CC101 I started sketching a tennis court, a tennis racket, and a tennis ball. The whole sketch was harder than i thought. I started with the tennis court in the background. First i made a rectangle for the outside. I then split it in half to make the two sides of the court. I halved each side again to make the ” T ” box in the court. I drew a line in the middle to complete the box, and added 2 small dashes to the baseline. Making the doubles ally was somewhat hard because i had to go back and edit some of the other lines I made in order to make sure the lines did not overlap. After i finished that, I moved on to the grip of the racket. It was somewhat easy, but also difficult to make the lines straight and equally appart. The head of the racket also took some time to make. Since it is just my first two days in Creative Computing, i did not know how to rotate. It took a while but I finally got the racket to slant the same way as the grip. The strings were also difficult to make because they were hard to keep straight. I tried using a formula to estimate, but it still took quite a long time to make sure the lines were at least straight. I am not finished yet, but I believe I shall be finished soon. This project has been very fun because I get to make a sketch of something I enjoy doing.