Three Years and still close to the Fab Lab

Having known the Fab Lab for quite a while now, I encountered a new generation of  artists whom got the chance to experience the Fab Lab for the first time. Coming back to the Fab Lab, to work with Ms. Rast had given me the opportunity to learn about the current and up coming new generations of artists. As of today, I was given the chance to work on a project with the students. My task was to create my own complex and unique idea of a pendant lamp. Such a simple planned out project is actually very hard to create. Though, having this challenge only brought me back memories about my first approach to the Heads On Fire :: Fabrication Laboratory of  San Diego.

So the pendant light was going to be made out of paper materials where they are planned out to inter-lock together. The materials are being cut out onto a flat thick construction paper under the infamous Vinyl Cutter. I feel rewarded to be given the chance of such a fantastic experience for the past three years later. I learned quite a lot but I learned more about the students and staffs here in the classroom.

One surprise for this project is coming up but that will be kept a secret for now. ~.o