Alternative Energy 1: Understanding Energy Sources and Types


UCSD Extension logoThe learning outcomes associated with this class have been WASC-accredited by UCSD Extension College Exploration.

In this course students learn fundamentals of electronics and electricity, from Basic Circuitry to Solar, “The future of sustainable energy”.

This course introduce students to basic electronic concepts including electricity characteristics, theory including Ohm’s and Joule’s laws, and reading schematics to build their circuits. They also learned about solar systems, with an emphasis on photovoltaic installation and function.

They initially worked with small solar cells within wireless solar lamps of their own design, then moved into assembling and testing larger-scale solar panel array systems, to finally building their own “Karma Charger”, a Fab Lab SD-designed and student built solar-charged device that can be carried in a pocket or handbag to charge any USB-powered device such as a cell phone, cameras, MP3 player, etc. The Karma Charger is also unique in that it contains up-cycled components, using electronics that would otherwise go into a landfill to create a mobile charger that can fully charge the average cell phone three times.

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