Design and Build Your Own Clean Energy Drag Race Vehicle!

Winter Break – Presented in partnership with UCSD Extension K-12 College Exploration.

thmb Design and Build your own Clean Energy Drag Race Car

This is a fun way to learn about energy, physics, and engineering while building and racing your own 1:20 scale model car. Experience the excitement of new fuel cell technology, and discover the possibility of using 100% clean fuel to power cars of the future. All students will get to keep their car designs when the class is over.

Presented in partnership with UCSD Extension K-12 College Exploration.
Classes will run the week of December 19th -23rd, 2011 – 9:00AM to 3:00PM

$ 195 Fee + $150 Fuel Cell Car Kit (students keep)

This class is for middle and high school students (the curriculum is designed for 7th-9th-graders) interested in learning how to make their own hydrogen fuel cell vehicle at the 1:20 scale. Students will learn about green energy advancements, hydrogen as an “energy carrier” and its use in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. This will include a brief history and look towards the future of fuel, including an overview of current technologies in alternative energies such as algae biofuels, wind and solar technologies.

During the construction of the car, we will utilize Computer Aided Design (CAD) for modeling the custom chassis at a 1:20 scale, which we will then have custom laser cut for each unique vehicle. In addition to CAD, there will be basic Physics, Chemistry, Math, and mechanical engineering principals to help design the improvements on the vehicle. At the end of the course, you will have created your own 1:20 scale hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicle that works! You will then compete for the fastest drag racer design, in an exciting Hydrogen Fuel Cell Race and Competition.

Learn more about hydrogen here: