Wearable Electronics-Introductory Project

Today in the Wearable Electronics class in the UCSD extension, we created a light-up piece of fabric using LEDs, a 3V coin battery, and a switch. We had to wire the LEDs in parallel due the small voltage of the battery. My project consisted of two green LEDs in the middle of a bright yellow ABC logo. To start, I had to sew the logo, made of felt, to a red piece of cloth. I had never sewn before; however, I was able to pick up the skill quickly, with the help of the class instructors. After sewing on the logo, I put in the two LEDs; to distinguish the positive and negative leads of the LEDs, I used needle-nose pliers to curl the positive ends into circles and the negative ends into squares. I then had to secure the battery and switch to the fabric and connect everything using conductive thread. I encountered difficulty with threading the conductive thread in the small eye of the needle. All in all, it was a fun and instructive project, and a good introduction to the materials covered in this class.