The Invention Class: Where Engineering & Technology Meets Art & Design

In this elective course, students will be engaged in a learning process that merges science, math and technology with hands-on projects. While learning fundamentals of science and engineering, students will work through a process that allows them to be an inventor, bringing their ideas to life using advanced prototyping technologies.

The class will work in the Fab Lab, a mobile fabrication facility that is traveling from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Boston to La Jolla Country Day. Here, the students will be exposed to advanced technologies such as laser cutters, 3D printers, and other machines that they can use to make their ideas a reality.

Throughout the school year, students will work on a variety of projects that involve computer science, engineering and design in a creative and applied manner. This will include activities such as:

  • Design: using design software to control for the laser cutter or 3 axis milling machine in order to fabricate custom objects, furniture, sculptural designs, parts or products
  • Electrical Engineering: learning to solder and understand the fundamentals of electronics while building fun projects and mini robots with easy-to-learn kits
  • 3D Modeling and 3D printing: learning how animators and architects use 3D modeling software to design objects in the virtual environment that we can then make real by printing them on the MakerBot 3D printer

This course is designed for students that are interested in making things, whether those things are artistic or technical in nature. There is no prerequisite for the class. Newcomers and enthusiasts are welcome, as this class is designed to accommodate both.