Meet A Maker: Nathan Trujillo

574932_10151415487846019_533657531_n-1Nathan Trujillo loves taking ideas and making them into something that entertains people and finds that, besides curing cancer, the hardest part of making is delegating tasks.

How long have you been making?

I started making go-carts as a youth, so 20+ years (scary)

What inspires you to make?

Curiosity killed the cat!

Where did you learn the skills you use today?

I had a lot of great mentors, but I am mostly self-taught. I always GTS (google that sh**). My first job was testing video games as a youth, so I have an extensive background in programming and testing.

What do you need to make?
When I am in code mode, I like darkness and groove salad. For everything else (after caffeine) it would have to be: soundtrack, soundtrack, soundtrack! (and phone on silent)

Go to tools?

Caliper and sketchpad! For supplies: Radioshack, Adafruit, Sparkfun, Willy’s Electronics, Inventables, and Marshals Industrial.

1375188_10152000362381019_160941134_nWhat was your favorite project?

The Silent Orchestra! An interactive POV (persistence of vision) globe.

Why did you make this?

The goal was to show the silent orchestra at a lot of shows this year,  and it’s never been done at this scale before. We once blew the whole electronics stack right before a deadline, but were able to get replacements in less than 6 hours from San Francisco.

“I am genuinely curious and like to take it to the limit!”

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