Creative Computing 1: Processing – Interactive Graphics

Learn about the basics of coding by exploring the Processing Development Environment.


UCSD Extension logoThe learning outcomes associated with this class have been WASC-accredited by UCSD Extension College Exploration.

This project-based class will focus on the development of fundamental programming skills, creation of applets that feature interactivity, allowing students to create responsive virtual environments. Students will also learn about interface and interactivity through the creation and use of infrared pens and IR-detecting cameras. Additionally, ways in which we commonly interact with the virtual environment will be explored through the dissection of a Wiimote™ and identification of its electronic features. Students will produce at least one final applet that they will be able to manipulate via the infrared controller that they have created. This class is beginner-friendly and hands-on.

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Students will learn the fundamentals of computer programming within a visual context, how to design interactive work while developing strong conceptual skills, critical reading and analytical thinking required for creating programs. The concepts and skills taught in this course will set a foundation for future learning in fields such as the media arts, interactivity, game design, and the web.
The class is aimed at students in grades 8 – 12 with little or no previous programming experience.

This course is taught using classroom and computer lab instruction employing lecture/demonstration, in-class exercises, individual and group student projects, and class assignments leading to a final project.
Classes will include introductory theory, history and practice on computer programming and computational art. Weekly assignments are required through the first part of the program. The end of the course will be spent developing an idea for a final project.
Students will have a profile page at, where daily and weekly blogging sessions are posted. Class work will be showcased on each student’s profile page and also at