Charles Howard blog

So it’s Friday and stuff! I finally finished everything but I am super tired because I had to watch my dog last night. I have a stubbed toe but it doesn’t hurt that much. Actually it hurts like crazy. I slept in and was almost late to 3D printing. I came in at the last second and no one even noticed I came in except the teacher, Mr Gaffney. Nothing really changed from yesterday except that the parents are coming to see my designs! Again though I am super tired and I think I might fail. This is some of my work. “My favorite adobe illustrator project the business cards. I loved this project because it was something we would have to do later in life. I made my business be called Animacorp (animal corporation). AC designs (animacorp designs) makes little inventions for animals that have special needs. For example, say you had a pet cat that had a really hurt leg and you needed to give your cat a cast. well animacorp would design a cast just the size and comfort your cast needed.  Ac design also does dogs, lizards, birds, reptiles, and insects. if you ever have a hurt pet come to the nearest AC designs hospital”  I hope you can subscribe to my blog thanks for reading!